About Us

Company Profile

Set up in the year 1999 in an industrial suburb of Nashik as Dealers in Engineering products, we have built up strength by strength a variety of products segments for the Metal Cutting Industry and today have an impressive line up of products and services consisting of Capital Equipment such as Machine Tools, Work Holding Devices to Consumables such as Precision Cutting Tools, Metal Working Fluids, CNC Tool Storage systems, Presetting and Tool Inspection Equipment.

Our corporate philosophy is driven by our endeavor to :

  • Make Machining Matters Easy for the Customers.
  • Continuous Improvisation in our operations to keep Adding Value to our Customer
  • Seeking Opportunities to be of Service to our Customer.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring the newest Innovations to Customer Doorsteps and establish Cost Effective solutions to suit their needs of Metal Cutting.

This we strive to accomplish by understanding emphatically Critical needs of the customer and by catering to their needs on a continual basis.

Our Values

  • Customer Focus: Ensure Customer Needs are met while continually seeking to achieve Customer Delight.
  • Employee Participation: within our Team members we Value Integrity, Initiative and Reliability.

Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose is to offer innovation and Cost effective solutions for the Metal Cutting and Engineering Industry.

Our Vision

  • To achieve the status of preferred Supplier in our chosen product and Customer segments by 2021.
  • To Partner the Growth of our Employees along with the Growth of the Company.

Our Team

Our Team is our Strength in our endeavor to provide Value Adding Experiences to our Customers. Our intent of Making Machining Matters Easier for our customers is driven by our Competency in providing Reliable Services for the various product lines offered by us.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about our machines!